Monday, October 12, 2009

Stability ball workouts

The stability or physio ball is a great add on to many BJJ practitioners' workouts and training. Here are some ideas you can incorporate into your routine.
Stability ball Top
Regular floating top game movements, consisting of:
knee rides
cart wheel spins
body rotation front to back and vice versa
ball balancing
turtle position spins

For bottom game movement training, obviously the ball is too light. So I slowly trickle water into the ball. A 65cm ball with 1/4 filled with water weighs about 22kg, so fill according to your needs and strength. I inflate the ball afterwards so its water and air filled. The dynamics are quite awesome - as you lift the ball, the water moves its centre and you have to adjust your sensitivity and base accordingly.

Stability Ball Bottom
Bottom game movements, consisting of:
Hug ball on belly, bridge from side to side
Mount escapes - hydraulic lifts
Place ball on belly, shrimp to side, re-gather guard, lift with legs back to ball on belly, repeat on other side
Butterfly hook with single leg sweeps
Closed guard climbing
Tons of other movements you can obviously work out for your self.

Combat conditioning warm ups

Stand up Active Warm up
Modified burpees – no jump at end
Standing squats
Jumping jacks
Rope skipping
Shadow boxing – no full extension of joints / maintain good form

Combat Gymnastics
Double Leg Bridge
Single Leg Bridge
Superman – 4 point post to 2 point post
Gorilla crawls
Lateral chimp shuffles
Spider crawls
Plank side crawls
Flat prone – forward body pulls
Bridge to shrimps – left and right
Bridge to shrimp to turtle position to forward roll – repeat on other side
Backward roll to safety stand up to sprawl to butterfly guard – repeat on other side
Combat gymnastics - freestyle
Scorpion – prone, foot arcs to opposite hand
Iron cross – supine, leg to opposite hand
Rollover to v-sit/ butterfly/inside hurdler stretch

Tabata protocol
Non-stop: 20-second intervals, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeat for a total of 8 cycles.

Suggested exercises:
Burpees with end jump
Sumo push ups
Squat thrusts
Modified jackknives – hands to heel
Push ups
Pull ups
Safety stand up to knee strikes
Kettlebell swings
Olympic bar Clean and Press