Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Body weight exercises for sport specific movements

I have listed several exercises and movements that can be used in training, please inquire with a competent qualified trainer on the correct movement bio-mechanics and application for your particluar sport or fitness programme.

Before you start:
1. Set attainable goals.
2. Pay attention to any injuries.
3. Keep a record of your training programme.
4. Warm up properly and stretch after the session
5. Start slowly with progressive resistance and levers to condition and prepare the muscular and skeletal system.

Bio motor Locomotive agility
 Jog to run – forward, backwards and sidewards
 Skip to Power skip
 Side shuttles
 Single leg jumps - forward, backwards and side wards

Mobility, Agility and Power
 Partner jumps – jump over / crawl under. Progress to raising hips higher or adjust sequence, for e.g. 2 x jumps / 1 x crawl under.
 Single leg reactive hops - forward, backwards and sidewards

Upper Body Strength
 Elbow stabilization push ups – forward and backward rolling action
 Elbow stabilization to core side control
 Elbow stabilization to shoulder press lock out
 Push up plank position endurance hold
 T – stability Roll
 Box step ups
 Push ups with elevated legs
 Push ups with single leg abduction
 Push ups to T-stability roll
 Push up to T-stability on one leg
 Push ups to Cobra – progress to using one leg
 Partner base (kneeling on one leg) – Double / Single arm push up
 Partner base (partner in plank position). Frontal and perpendicular configuration with staggered hand position. Advanced progression would be both hands on the head.

Lower body strength
 Squats – traditional and staggered
 Single leg squats – all planes of motion
 Lunges (NB: keep ear, shoulder, hip and trailing knee in alignment). All planes of motion to provide variety and specificity to your training, e.g., lunge to floor pick up.

 Shoulder Pike Press – from dog stretch position.
 Progress to bench and stability ball

 Recline pull with bars/ropes /TRX. Variation change lever arm with single leg extended position and grip variation.
 Partner Recline Pulls. Progress from arms on leg, isometric hold off leg, Alternating arm rowing.

One Arm Row
 Off staggered stance – partner squats and holds.

Metabolic Run
Condition the athlete to meet the sports energy requirements
 Short sprints
 Shuttles

Metabolic strength and power
Leg crank circuit – 60 to 90sec in duration, specify to sport requirements. Utilizing lunges, squats, split jumps, mountain climbing and jump squats.
 Example: lunges x 20
 Squats with staggered stance x 20
 Split jumps x 10
 Jump squats x 10

Squat thrust and jump squat thrust circuit
 Squat thrust x 10
 Squat thrust + push ups x 10
 Squat thrust + push ups + jump x 8

Total body strength
 Stability Ball prone plank on two balls

Total Body Power
 Squat thrusts
 Squat thrusts - with ball
 Squat thrusts with jump
 Squat thrusts, push ups with jumps

Lower Body Power
 Power skips
 Wall acceleration run at 50° angle
 Partner jumps – jump over / crawl under
 Squat jumps
 Box jumps
 Alternating split jumps (TEST: incorporate only after athlete is able to perform 20 lunges with ease)
 Skater – bringing opposite leg across mid line
 Bounding

Core and Balance
 Core Programme to include: sit ups, scissor kicks, V-ups (balance on shoulder – raise legs), Pike ups off mat.
 Back emphasis – Superman, Elbow stabilization
 T-ups with hand on ball

Anterior reaches – for balance, stability of hips and control of movement around the spine. Applied also to enhance deceleration mechanics and locomotion in general.
 Progress from parallel stance to staggered and then to single leg
 Speed, multi-direction reaching is added to increase difficulty
 Overhead reaches with extended arms, for sports utilizing general overhead mechanics.

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