Saturday, May 1, 2010

Train for work capacity within a certain timeframe

Performing timed sets with a clock / timer will provide a more effective workout than one that is paced by reps and sets. Timed sets offer more than just the development of your strength endurance. It can be applied to specific strength workouts as well.

This style of workout helps you discover ease within your workout, as you pace yourself with the clock /timer you will learn to relax whilst under tension, expending only the energy that is needed, making you more efficient in physical endeavours. It is also an extremely effective means of training your focus and attention. I also use it as a means of motivation, for example; instead of doing 3 sets of 20 pushups, I rather do the maximum amount of pushups I can perform in 60 seconds. If I did the exercise using the set method, I would rest after 20 push ups and then resume when I felt fresher. By utilizing the timed set method I accomplish the following:

• More reps
• Faster pace
• Better motivation
• Create metabolic disturbance, which improves my fitness

Use it in your MMA / BJJ workouts as well – 90 seconds of Bodylock escapes instead of 10 counted escapes. You’ll feel the difference!!